The Adventures of Jesus Illustrated

The Adventures of Jesus Illustrated

The Adventures of Jesus Illustrated Comic

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Woven through these pages are the exciting adventures of Jesus of Nazareth. Lively dialog, colorful illustrations and Holy Scripture transport readers into the turbulent first century A.D. when God became a man and lived among us.

• Overhear the angel telling shepherds where to find baby Jesus.
• Listen as Christ is pronounced Messiah by John the Baptist.
• See the Holy Spirit descend upon the Lord like a dove.
• Hike the rugged Judean hills with the twelve disciples.
• Stand in awe as the Lord storms the temple.
• Bask in his love for children.
• Sit at the Master's feet captivated by his parables.
• Watch The Great Physician heal lepers and bring the dead to life!
• Feel the heartbreak of Judas' betrayal and watch as Jesus is arrested.
• Trek up Golgotha hill to experience Christ's passion.
• Discover His empty tomb: See His resurrected body.
• Experience the greatest adventure of all time!

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